International Vocal Competition For Children, Youth and Adults

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29-30 September

2023 September
Place Palanga Concert Hall,
Vytauto Str. 53, Palanga

2nd International Children’s and Youth Competition – Festival


29-30 September 2023 Palanga

Palanga Concert Hall


Applications will be accepted until 10 September 2022



1.1. Organiser of the Competition: Ars festa, e-mail: [email protected]

1.2. The date and venue of the competition are 29-30 September 2023 at the Palanga Concert Hall, Vytauto g. 43, Palanga 00135.


PALANGA TALENT LEAGUE is a TV competition, which is filmed and broadcast (all performances) by LRT TV at the order of the Organiser.

The contest is open to those participants who have won the CHRISTMAS TALENT LEAGUE, MUSIC TALENT LEAGUE, SUMMER TALENT LEAGUE and MUSIC TALENT LEAGUE in 2023 in the competitions organised by  ARS FESTA without any pre-selection:

– Grand Prix awards

– Mini Grand Prix awards

– 1st places in their age groups.


Other participants are first invited to go through a pre-competition selection by distance.



Vocalists: soloists, duets and vocal ensembles without age limit.



Entrants who do not require further selection shall complete the entry form on the Competition website and send the phonogram (minus) of their song to [email protected] by 10 September 2023.

Participants who, according to the Competition Regulations, are required to pass the pre-selection procedure before registering for the TV Competition must send a video of their performance (the song does not have to be the same as the one to be performed during the competition) to [email protected] by 5 September 2023. After receiving the invitation to register, fill in the form on the competition website by 10 September.


When sending phonograms, the phonogram files must be titled in the following order: Name_First name_First name_Age_Title of the work, e.g. Name of the piece.

For ensembles, the name of the ensemble should be given instead of the name.



2.3.1. Each Participat take part in their age caterogy:

  • Up to 9 years; 10 – 12 years; 13 – 15 years; 16 – 18 years; 19 +

The age category of the ensembles is determined by the average age of the participants. If there are not enough participants in one age group, the age groups may be merged, or vice versa, if there are too many participants in one age group.

2.3.2. Each participants performs one song. The genre could be free of your choice.

2.3.3. The duration of song – no longer than 3:30 min.

2.3.4 The organisers provide a keyboard instrument. Other instruments (if needed) are provided by the participants themselves, including accessories needed for their sound, e.g. cubes for guitars.

2.3.5. After all the competition performances, the awards will be held on the same day after a break (exact schedule to be announced after registration closes by 25 September).



The members of the Jury shall evaluate the performance of each Contestant with a score from 5 to 10. For each participant, the overall average of the scores of all the members of the jury shall be calculated.

The Jury may award more than one first, second or third prize in a category.

Based on the results of the Jury, all participants will be awarded with trophies, medals and  Diplomas of Diplomae, 3rd, 2nd, 1st place. The performers with the highest scores will be awarded with Mini Grand Prix and Grand Pris trophies and diplomas and prizes from the sponsors.



2.5.1. Cost for the participation in the Competition:

1) Selection fee of EUR 15 per performance (payable only by those who have passed the pre-competition selection) – by 5 September;

2) Registration fee of EUR 30 per performance, payable immediately upon registration for the competition and completion of the entry form – by 10 September.This fee is non-refundable if, for any reason whatsoever, the participant subsequently withdraws from the competition or is no longer able to take part in it.

3) The entry fee is EUR 90 for a soloist or EUR 60 for a duet or EUR 40 for a groupbefore 15 September.

4) For participants registering later than 10 September, there is a “late registration” extra fee of EUR 30 per performance (if there is still room for additional participants).


2.5.2. If a soloist is accompanied by a rhythm section, or accompanied by more than 2 instruments, or accompanied by more than 3 people on the stage, the ensemble shall be treated as a group.

2.5.3 All fees are payable by bank transfer to the account on the above dates by 15 September:

Account Nr.: LT374010051002181842

Bank: Luminor Bank AS

Recipient: ARS FESTA

code 303398861


Purpose: Support for the Palanga Talent League competition / first name last name and name of the group (if paid per group member)

2.5.4.The concert in Palanga Concert Hall is FREE of charge, feel free to invite your support groups, family members and friends.



Venue of the competition – Palanga Concert Hall, Vytauto g. 43, Palanga 00135.

29 September 2023 :

Arrival of the participants

15.30 – 18.30 – filming of reports, interviews with participants, leaders, parents of participants, jury members.

30 September 2023:

10.00 – 12.00 sound check

13.00 – 19.00 TV Competition

20.30 – 21.30 – Awards ceremony


Preliminary programme. It will be revised 1 week before the event.



4.1 The partner of the competition, 4* hotel GRAND BALTIC DUNES, Birutės al. 26, Palanga, located between Palanga Concert Hall and the Sea Bridge, offers the participants and their accompanying persons a 10% discount on accommodation in their hotel. If you wish to take advantage of the discount, please let us know at [email protected] and you will receive a discount code.



5.1. Participants and accompanying persons are responsible for their own travel and subsistence expenses.

5.2 The Organisers reserve the right to modify the programme and the Regulations as necessary.

5.3 The Organisers shall be entitled to all TV and radio appearances, publishing, filming and photography at no additional cost. The Organiser may use video, audio and photographic material for promotional purposes without the express permission of the participants.

5.4 Participants are responsible for respecting the copyright of the songs they perform.

5.5 By agreeing to take part in the competition, the participant (or his/her representative – an adult if the participant is a minor) automatically agrees and has no claims regarding the public disclosure and publication of the participant’s photographs, video recordings and other personal data in the public domain for advertising purposes.




Applications FOR THE COMPETITION ARE ACCEPTED UNTIL 10 September 2023.





Organiser of the competition – Ars Festa Public Institution