International Vocal Competition For Children, Youth and Adults

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The Music Talent League is an international festival of young performers, which was organized for the first time in 2015. At the time, there was a vacuum for high-quality events for children, so the main task and mission went on and on – an event that lacked neither celebration nor professionalism. Any competition for both the performers and their managers is like an evaluation of their work, so it is very important to ensure the quality of the performance – quality sound, professionally equipped stage, competent evaluation committee…

Today, the Music Talent League has already become a sign of quality and a starting point for young performers before the big stages and global television projects. Today, the competition has grown to four festivals a year – the Grand League of Music Talents takes place in the spring, invites the Summer Talent League to the Spanish resort of Lloret de Mar in the summer, and in the autumn invites young performers to start the school season at the Capital Days and Palanga Concert Hall. , and in the winter we celebrate Christmas and New Year in the Christmas Talent League competition. Each of them has its own uniqueness and character, but all of them are united by the organizational culture, the quality of sound and lighting, the aesthetics of the stage and graphic design, and the attention not only to each contestant, but to all the details of the event.

We are glad that over the years, an infinitely beautiful tradition has developed – friendship with the community of Vilnius College of Technology and Design. This competition is a great example of collaboration between the creative and technical worlds. Young Lithuanian performers get a unique opportunity to prove their talents to the professional music world, and students – future multimedia specialists, sound recording specialists, photographers, designers and other people related to art-related professions – can experience the practical work and organize the event up close.